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Hitapan and 1976 Music Year

Every Wednesday, music director Henk Hoover shows a music year from the Limburg broadcaster’s 75 – year history.

In this episode Henk gets to the bottom of the 1976 music year.

First 3

The top 3 places of the year in the Dutch Top 40 of 1976 are as follows:

1. ABPA – Queen of Dance
2. Thavares – Heaven has not seen an angel
3. Nazareth – Love Hurts

Pink Pop 1976

In 1976, Pink Pop was held as a one-day festival on Monday at Bergmeister Damnpark in Kelin. Festival boss John Smeets had originally signed the band ‘Free’ as headlines, but with the death of guitarist Paul Kozoff, he had to look for a new name for his poster.

Little Feed, Atlas, Streetwalkers, The Leaders, Jess Roden Band, Sido Martens and Vice President Urea Heap participated.

LVK 1976

LVK was conceived in 1976 to reduce the influence of “commercial” Dutch festival music in Limburg. Bertha Polysen-Villain, one of the founders at the time, was, among others, an alderman and municipal councilor in Kelin.

The first LVK final was held in Keline on November 18, 1976, and was won by the Maastricht song Von Iste Tod de Mokerhee. The song was written by Bert Salton and Jean Innemi.


The first single from the Pussycat band was released in 1976. Songwriter Werner Tunisen wrote the song five years ago. The band was formed around three singing sisters, Tony Ville, Marion Henson, and Betty Traxtra, and the song was released by record company Boma.

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The recording company initially thought the song hip was not enough and at least invested in the band’s promotion. The disc jockey picked up the song Meta de Vries, the rest of the history. This number comes in at 1: New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, South Africa, Israel, Australia and Brazil.

In 2001, Henk Werner interviewed Mississippi writer Tunis. Once he arrived he persuaded him to take the guitar and play the song …


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