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Mexico and the United States will still have GPS in 2021.

Mexico and the United States will still have GPS in 2021.

It was announced earlier today that the Canadian Grand Prix will not be held for the second year in a row due to the corona virus. Following the news, the Grand Prix of Mexico and the United States announced that the races would continue for the time being.

Keane race in Canada in 2021

Canadian G.P. Usually held in summer because those are the only months when Canadian weather can lead. This will often cause snowfall in the country in the spring. The race is therefore separate from other GPs taking place on the American continent.

The United States and Mexico want to organize the race as planned

Traditionally, GPs in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil are held one after the other at the end of the season. Races in the United States and Mexico will continue for the time being, according to one of Mexico’s Grand Prix organizations. Report.

The U.S. is scheduled for the weekend of October 22-24. A week later, The Formula 1 Visiting Mexico. The races are still a long way off, but the organization wants to show that the goal is to organize a race in 2021.

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