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Hogwarts Legacy gets a real photo mode and more

Hogwarts Legacy gets a real photo mode and more

It’s time to play Hogwarts Legacy again as a member of a different division, because developer Avalanche Software has revealed that the game will be getting a great summer update. Not only does it have a comprehensive photo mode, it also has a lot of cool extras that were previously exclusive. The patch will be released on June 6.

The all-new Photo mode has a lot of features, including basic camera settings like focal length, depth of field, saturation, and more. Naturally, you can also apply all kinds of filters and even give your character a certain pose. Perfect for making your own memories in the virtual scene of Hogwarts.

You also get a number of gameplay improvements that make the game more user-friendly. You can now reset all skills from the Field Guide. Although this of course has a certain in-game cost.

In addition, the update also introduces a new mission, features, and equipment that were previously exclusive to certain platforms or versions. Since the video below explains it perfectly, we won’t reveal it yet.

Will you visit Hogwarts again?

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