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Microsoft has not released Windows 10 yet

Microsoft has not released Windows 10 yet

Microsoft is (re)opening a beta testing channel for Windows 10 users. This means that Windows 10 will get new functionality in the last year of its life.

Windows 10 users can subscribe starting today Beta channel To access new features before they are released to the general public. In settings go to Windows Update > Windows Insider Program Select the test channel. Features released in the beta channel do not automatically make it to the stable versions: As an insider, you have something to say about this.

Sign up for the Windows 10 Beta channel Source: Microsoft

Users who sign up for the Windows 10 beta channel will also not be automatically transferred to Windows 11 if their PC meets the system requirements. This happens if you sign up for Canary or Dev testing programs. These options will not appear if your computer is not eligible for Windows 11.

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Microsoft continues its incredible change, of course, with Windows 10. At the end of last year, Microsoft reversed its decision not to bring new features to Windows 10 when it rolled out Copilot. The opening of the beta channel indicates that Microsoft has no plans to abandon Windows 10 just yet.

This also shows the mixed position that Microsoft has been in since the launch of Windows 11. On the one hand, Microsoft wants everyone (allowed) to switch to Windows 11 and is showing this in not-so-subtle ways. Meanwhile, Windows 10 is still very popular and Microsoft knows that it cannot neglect these millions of users.

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Microsoft makes it clear that commercial support for Windows 10 will still end on October 14, 2025. The beta channel is no exception. Anyone who wants to continue using Windows 10 after this date will have to pay for extended security updates.