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Hole through the earth from Tilburg: This is where you come out

Sometimes you have questions you really don’t need, but you still want to know the answer. For example, to the question of where you would end up if you dug a hole through the earth in Tilburg. Well, you know what?

No need to work with a shovel to find this answer. You can find out online through Virtual Dig a hole from Tilburg. It is best that you do it online, otherwise you will need a snorkel and a diving pilot at the end of the tunnel.

The other side of the world

You end up in the South Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers away next to New Zealand. Holding the nearby land. It is an island of New Zealand and is located 901 kilometers from Antipot Point.


Antibode is the name of the point on the other side of the world. The opposite of Tilburg and any other point on the earth is the point on the surface of the earth that is completely opposite. Simply put, if you dig a hole straight, you will come to the opposite end of the place where you started digging.

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19,000 kilometers

If you had not dug a pit and gone across the earth to Vaithangi, you would have gone about 19,000 kilometers on the road. If there is a direct flight, it is equivalent to 21 hours of flight time. Not only there.

The other side of the world

Interested in antidote other than Tilburg? or at You can enter a place and immediately see what exactly you can see on the other side of the world.

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