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Mystery case in the United States: The week the young woman went missing during the trip, the fiance also went missing

Coffee and her boyfriend Brian took a vacation together in July to celebrate the engagement. The pair boarded a white Ford transit and passed through the US states of Wyoming and Utah. They made countless videos of untouched nature and filmed laughing, kissing and running on the beaches. One of the videos has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

However, two weeks later – on September 1 – Brian returned home alone in Florida. He has no trace of the betrothed. Her parents said she was missing after ten days. Brian has so far refused to talk to investigators and his parents about the disappearance.

Police believe the young man was staying with his parents. Now he suddenly seems to have disappeared from the globe for four days. Probably escaped … “To be clear, he is missing, he is missing somewhere,” Pettito’s family said in a statement.

Police spokesman Josh Taylor said, “We’ve been trying to talk to his family and Brian for a week.”


The FBI raided the parents’ home yesterday and took some items. “We understand that the environment is operating in despair. We have the same feeling. The situation is constantly changing. We now want to get the facts straight first.”

Police also confirmed that Diktoxter’s testimony is under further investigation. He said in a video that he and his boyfriend picked up a Hitchhiker on August 29 in Grand Detton National Park. She realized now that it was laundry.

“He even offered $ 200 (170 euros) to ride, but we let him sit for free in the back of our jeep,” the woman said. “When I mentioned half an hour later that we were going to Jackson Hole, he was restless. Suddenly he wanted to get out as fast as possible. Then he tried to arrange a new elevator across the street.

The bizarre encounter took place a day before Pettito’s mother received the final text message from her daughter. However, she wonders if it was actually Capitona who sent that message.

Police intervention

Surprisingly, the young couple’s record was already leaked during police intervention. However, on August 12, police dragged them near Arches National Park for speeding. The video shows KP bursting into tears. “We argued on some personal matters this morning,” he said. “Some days I suffer from a manic-compulsive disorder. I apologize to him because I could be really bad. The debate would have arisen if the laundry got into the van with dirty legs.

He explained to the laundry police how the scratches appeared on his face. “She tried to take the key from me. I tried to calm her down, but she hit me on her cell phone. In the end no one had to go to the office. Ruffs said they were going to get married and” absolutely did not want anyone to be blamed. ”

Image AFP


Meanwhile, the American woman’s relatives are in despair. They demand that Laundry answer the question of why he left KP alone and drove his van to Florida.

His parents even addressed Laundry’s parents with a letter. We ask for your help in finding our daughter. “It simply came to our notice then. Of course you want to protect your son, but keep yourself in our shoes too. We can no longer sleep or eat. Our lives were ruined.

“We think you know where Brian left KP,” they say. “We ask you to tell us. How can you as parents cause us such pain? Think about what KP’s younger siblings should do.

“KP has been living in your house for over a year. She is going to be your daughter-in-law. How can she keep her whereabouts secret? If you have any dignity, tell us if we are looking in the right direction. We want KP to come home.

“He is silent to my request”

Laundry’s attorney says his client did not comment on the lawsuit at his request. “In my experience, the first person to attract the attention of the police in cases like this is the accomplice. Regardless of whether Ms. Pettito is missing and my client is involved, the warning that ‘what you say can be used against you’ is true, “said Steve Bertolino.

The van with the bed and small room was seized for interrogation. Laundry is not yet officially a suspect, but has been classified as an ‘interested person’. It is a term used in U.S. law to describe a person who may have been involved in a crime but has not yet been arrested.

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