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Horro (o) r: The New Zealander has been wandering around for three days with an ear cockroach

The cockroach hid well during the doctor’s visit. The doctor in question thought the water was stuck in the ear pool of the wedding. The New Zealand player was advised to use a hair dryer to dry his ear.

“I spent most of the weekend lying on my side, or with a hairdryer in my ear,” he told the American News Channel at the wedding. CNN. “As I lay down, I could hear water moving around my earlobe.”


The man tried with all his might to empty his ear: “Ear candles, jumping on one leg, chewing gum, I ran.” In vain. The noise stopped Sunday night, but his ear was still stuffed. On Monday, the couple decided to go to the ENT doctor.

It turned out that it was not water, but an insect. “I realized that all the movements I felt in my ear over the weekend came from the cockroach. I immediately injected hot air into my ear and thought of cooking my ear cockroach for a weekend,” Wedding said. “It made me nauseous.”

Five minutes

In five minutes he removed the cockroach from his ear. “As soon as I knew it was an insect, it all fell into place: that’s why the water moved even though I was sitting quietly. It’s a cockroach moving over my head.

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