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Norse, an expensive fighter jet, gets the green light for flights to the United States

“This is an important step in operating low-cost Atlantic flights,” said Bjorn Dor Larson, CEO of Norse. The budget airline wants to fly from various European airports to destinations in the United States. The original was intended to fly from Oslo, but bases should also be set up in London and Paris. According to Larson, not only Europeans but also American workers are being recruited to provide personnel for the aircraft.

Norse received the required flying clearance from Norwegian authorities in December last year, meanwhile receiving the first copies of a total of fifteen Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

It is not yet known when and where the first flight will depart, but ‘somewhere in the spring’ is definitely set for America. Anyway, Norse wants to go to New York and Los Angeles, but has a route to Florida in mind.

Norse creates Norway’s failed foreign adventure, which attempts to deliver cheap flights with a fleet of Dreamliners. Among other things, Shipoll and New York flew between JFK. The airline is almost bankrupt, but has been relaunched and now operates only the fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft growing within Europe.


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