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Hot Joy's new single – “Head Out Of The Window”

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Hot Joy is really a typical American band popular with “angry little kids”. The collection was released in 2024 with “Fingers on either side“and “Folded Tongue” have already released two singles that could undoubtedly do well on American college radio stations. Of course, the important thing remains to be picked up by DJs on those channels. On the other hand, it is of course no longer the case in The 80s and 90s, and all music is open to everyone and everything.

“Head Out the Window” is similar. A simple drum beat to start with, followed by guitar chords played in the same order thousands of times in a row. The bass and guitar tones are exactly the same, and after a minute there is a short guitar solo. The obligatory harmony vocals are added, and that's really all there is to it. The song pauses for a moment, and all that remains is the vocals and minimal feedback, and Hot Joy treats the listener to the verse and chorus one last time. It's all been done ten thousand times, but Hot Joy don't pretend to be great musicians with a message that will turn the world from right to left. No, Hot Joy sounds a lot like the early days of Weezer, and the band from Missouri does that well. They are neatly colored within the lines, but they can also become very beautiful coloring pictures. In the “folded tongue” we wrote that the volume in the car will be shifted to the right. So with “Head Out Of The Window” we sing with our heads out the car window like a bunch of teenagers who just want to have fun.

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