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Microsoft is experimenting with unwanted ads in the Start menu.

Microsoft is experimenting with unwanted ads in the Start menu.

Microsoft is putting ads in the Start menu for Windows 11 beta testers, and while there's no guarantee that Redmond will roll out the feature widely, Microsoft is continuing to look for ways to put more unwanted ads in front of users.

Microsoft is investigating whether it can drop ads in Windows 11's Start menu. The company will discontinue such advertising in the form of “recommended” apps in the Start menu for beta testers in the US, according to reports. Record. Although testing is currently limited, and Microsoft has not indicated that the feature will necessarily be rolled out widely, the experience shows that Redmond is continuing to look for ways to shove more ads down users' throats.

This test takes the form of so-called recommended applications which will be among the regular applications. Users can disable the feature. The plan is reminiscent of a previous attempt by Microsoft to inject ads into Windows Explorer. The company was forced to suspend these plans after the ongoing protests. Previously, Microsoft also wanted to put ads in its settings menu.

Continuous attempts

Microsoft isn't shy about using its paid software as a showcase for other functionality and applications. Anyone who pays for a private Microsoft 365 account will be familiar with the banner ad at the top of Microsoft Word that from time to time urges you to download this or that function that you may have deliberately not used.

It's not clear why Microsoft remains so passionate about advertising in its own apps. Windows regularly mentions how important user feedback is, and this time it was also negative. At no time in Windows history have unwanted ads been welcomed by the majority of users, and Microsoft knows it. Hearing and listening are of course two different things.

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