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How and what about the forms of complaint in Spain

How and what about the forms of complaint in Spain

Any business, store or company that provides a fee-based service must comply with Spanish laws in Spain, which also include complaint forms. This is called “hoja de reclamación” in Spain, and if someone asks for it, they must give it away for free. These complaints forms apply to everyone, including if foreigners in Spain are dissatisfied with the service or product provided.

Complaint forms are official documents issued by the regional authorities of the autonomous communities and standardized throughout Spain. These should always be available to consumers and customers so that they can record incidents or conflicts that occurred while obtaining a product or service.

Complaint forms should always be handed to the customer/consumer without apology if they request it, including if they have not used a service or product. In a store, supermarket, bank, clothing store, hotel, car rental company, online store, etc., the availability of complaint forms for the customer must be clearly indicated on official paper.

If you are visiting Spain, while on holiday or if you live there, you can also request a complaint form containing the following sentence: “Quiero la hoja de reclaciones!”. The shapes themselves depend on the autonomous regions and look different in each region. For example, in Catalonia, all text is written in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish, English), in Comunidad Valenciana in three languages ​​(Valencia, Spanish, English) and in Andalusia or Madrid in two languages ​​(Spanish, English).

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