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How did you end up with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Save File?

Photo: Nintendo

Since then, four and a half years have passed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It was launched on Switch (and Wei Yu Don’t forget the Wii U!) and it’s one of those evergreen games I’ve been back at ever since.

This does not mean that I reboot the game constantly (although there are many people who do reboots regularly), but after I polish again Champion’s Ballad DLC ContentWhen I charged my Master Sword to its full potential and got my hands on Master Cycle Zero, I found myself still playing the game, browsing Hyrule, chasing the last ten Koroks, and generally enjoying the relaxed game atmosphere.

A quick look at the completion percentage (as found in the lower left corner of the map screen) indicates that after playing “280 hours or more” – named! My Breath of the Wild rescue is 94.53% complete. trend there! slowly.

I even remember looking at the same ratio after overcoming the Ganon disaster for the first time and shocked at how low it went. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was surprising that I had just “finished” the match.

Out of sheer curiosity, I asked some Nintendo Life employees how “complete” the BOTW percentage stats are. A few of them told me that they lost their original saves in previous keys (or cleared them after starting another game), so their low percentage wasn’t an accurate reflection of their time in the game.

Ryan Craddock’s response really brought back memories:

Wow, only 32.75% in BotW for me. I did four big things, all 120 shrines, unlocked the entire map with these towers, then went to Ganon, but somehow only 32.75… I also found something saying I was doing 34/77 side quests.

Wild Ryan
Photo: Nintendo Live

Video Producer John Cartwright Completed absolutely everything But in the game, it was Korok’s exploding seed that kept him from 100% for so long:

335 hours for me… [the final seed] It ended up being incredibly easy by Tarrey Town.

Obviously, even people who have spent several dozen hours playing Breath of the Wild can have surprisingly little of the game overall, so today we’re asking how much Breath of the Wild is. you all complete? Map areas, korok seeds, quests – they all go into this final total.

Tell us where you stand on the percentage scale using the survey below:

Surprised by your personal lineage? Tell us what you still need to unlock with a comment below.

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