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The Apple Watch Series 7 will be announced soon – but can you buy it right away?!

that Apple Watch Series 7 Regarding production problems, it was already clear. However, Apple plans to announce the new watch during its September event, along with the iPhone 13, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman wrote. The only question is whether you can buy the new Apple Watch right after that.

Apple Watch: Limited Edition or Newer?

Gurman says that the file Production issues with the new Apple Watch It can actually result in three scenarios:

  • The Apple Watch announcement will be delayed until production is back in order.
  • The Apple Watch will be announced on schedule and will be available in a limited edition initially.
  • The Apple Watch was announced on schedule and won’t be available for sale until a later date.

Gorman believed in a combination of the latter two. The Apple Watch will actually be announced during the September event. Some models are available immediately after that, but in a limited edition. Aharon Apple Watch Model Come later. By the way, not all models were released in Holland, so we miss the more luxurious versions with more expensive materials.

Why the delay? Apple Watch Series 7 got a major design change that differentiates it from previous Apple Watch models. So he got something different Size: 41 and 45 mm (Previously this was 40 and 44 mm). The screen and sides become slightly flat, so that the design, among other things, resembles that of iPhone 12. Rumor has it that you shouldn’t expect any new health features this year.

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Apple September event

According to the latest rumors, Apple’s September event will be held on Tuesday, September 14. Then the leadership role is reserved for the new iPhone 13But we’re also expecting wearables like the Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3. Want to stay up to date with the news surrounding the keyword? Then sign up for our newsletter!

Source: via Mac rumors