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How Tessa Wullert’s goals bring the Red Flames closer to the World Cup |  Red flames

How Tessa Wullert’s goals bring the Red Flames closer to the World Cup | Red flames

It did not take long to find the “flame of the game” after the Belgian women’s 1-6 victory in Kosovo yesterday. Tessa Wullert scored four goals and two assists on each goal. Even if it is against modest opponents, it is important to score a lot because it can bring the Red Flames closer to the World Cup.

This is a great international break for Tessa Wullert. He scored twice against Albania (0-5) and Kosovo last week.

Wollard has scored a total of 15 goals in this campaign, and is the highest scorer of all teams with two matches to go. Beth Mead (England) and Zine Brown (Denmark) followed suit with 12 goals.

Tine De Caigny has already scored 10 goals and Wullaert is leading the rankings with 11 assists. These are particularly encouraging figures against weaker opponents, for example, in the 19-0 win over Armenia, where Wollard scored 5 runs. Nevertheless, they can play a key role in the final solution.

In the top three runner-ups?

The Red Flames have already been confirmed in practice to finish second in the group. To lose them, they must already be lost in the red light Armenia. And a team win from Norway does not seem realistic, as Heckerberg and Co have to beat each other by 4 goals in September.

Second, it means that the Flames must try to reach the world championship by jump-off for the first time. But those jump-offs come with a solid manual.

In total, Number 2 is competing for three World Cup tickets (or actually two specific tickets, yet to be activated by the Intercontinental Play-Offs).

So nine second places, but three best second places “free” in the first play-off round. The best second places are determined by the rankings and the goals become important.

One or two play-off rounds

Rankings were established after the campaign, with points earned as the first criterion (except those earned against sixth in the group). And if the number of points is equal, then the goal difference is the next criterion for determining the ranking, followed by the number of goals (Other criteria can be found here

The six “worst” runners-up will be drawn against each other in the first play-off round of three matches (no tour). All three winners face the first three runner-ups in the second play-off round, again playing in one match.

And can those three winners go to Australia and New Zealand? It would have been much simpler: the two best are guaranteed immediately, while the third plays inter-continental play-offs for the last ticket. The two best are determined by the above ranking of nine runner-ups, and the second is in addition to the play-off round.

It’s not easy, but what’s clear: Red flames will make their task much easier if they finish in three best second places. For that a good decision against Norway is important.

Yes, matches against the sixth team in the group were eliminated from the Best Second Rankings. So Armenia’s 19 goals (and three points) can already be eliminated. The good news: For now, the Flames will not need those goals in the first three runner-ups. Will continue, but first the European Championship.

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