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Ferrero now removes Kinder products from US shelves

Ferrero now removes Kinder products from US shelves


Chocolate maker Ferrero on Thursday evening asked retailers in the United States to recall some Kinder chocolates due to Salmonella contamination.


As Easter approaches, the Italian manufacturer has this week recalled Kinder chocolates already sold in several European countries (France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands).

“There are currently no confirmed cases in the United States and no other Kinder or Ferrero products have been affected by this recall,” the company said in a statement. It also indicates cooperation with US health officials in cases reported in Europe.

In the European Union and the United Kingdom, 105 salmonella infections have already been linked to eating Kinder Surprise and Scopus.

Contaminated chocolate is made in a Belgian factory in Arlon. The first case was diagnosed on Jan. 7, according to health officials. The cause of the Salmonella outbreak at the Ferro factory in Arlon was the filtration of two raw material reservoirs. On December 15, pollution was discovered at the site.

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