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huh?  Dr. Strange isn't in the trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home"?

huh? Dr. Strange isn’t in the trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”?

After a long wait, this week finally brought the first trailer for Spider-Man: There’s no way home. In this trailer, we see Doctor Strange in charge of driving the strange plot surrounding the multiverse.

Spider-Man asks him for help and makes the world forget that his true identity is Peter Parker. An application made by Strange against Wong’s warnings. That was so cool soon It was a speculation That Doctor Strange is a mutant, and an evil version of himself.

Is it a mephisto?
Spider-Man: There’s no way home Looks like a movie based on a comic another day by J. Michael Straczynski. In it, Peter Parker makes a pact with Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life, which makes him abruptly stop marrying Mary Jane.

This movie is part of a trilogy that started with the series WandaVision. He alluded several times to Mephisto’s presence, but it almost ended with the song Agatha along, which revealed the involvement of another person.

But that series was just a starting point, Spider-Man: There’s no way home It is a continuation of this. With some great points about Strange.

He is almost unable to cast a spell because Peter Parker has bothered him so many times. It is remarkable that the entire Sanctum Sanctorum is covered with snow and ice. This is strange, although in big fire From Dante, the Ninth Circle of Hell, a frozen lake.

The cold temperatures and snow in the sanctuary can be interpreted in this way. According to Geekosity, all of these facts together are evidence of a bunch of stories they released some time ago. In short: Is Mephisto in this movie?

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