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Hundreds in quarantine at Zaanstad prison |  interior

Hundreds in quarantine at Zaanstad prison | interior

It is not known how the virus entered prison. Stop recording is not set. The Zanstad Judicial Complex provides space for more than a thousand detainees or criminals, as the institution calls them. Among them are psychiatric patients who are treated in the clinic.

Hundreds of inmates must be quarantined. “They can move freely within the circuit and thus reconfigure, ventilate and cook,” the judiciary said.


In one section, Eastern Cluster, detainees have to stay in their cells this whole weekend, the so-called “quarantine in cells.” They are only allowed to broadcast once a day.

“Quarantining the detainees is a strict measure, but it is also necessary to prevent further spread of the virus,” the ministry’s spokesperson said.

Most detainees understand the situation. In general, the atmosphere is calm. They see the importance of this for their safety and health.”


The JCZ director believes the pool’s vaccination rate is about 30 percent. Because of the continuing influx and exodus of detainees, the exact vaccination rate is unknown.

According to NH Nieuws, this is not the first time that coronavirus cases have been recorded in prison. Also last year, JCZ divisions had to close.

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