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MUMC Director: 'Minimizing major events like carnival' |  1 Limburg

MUMC Director: ‘Minimizing major events like carnival’ | 1 Limburg

Helen Mertens is calling on officials to scale back large-scale events, such as carnival parties in southern Limburg. “There is no longer any space in Limburg hospitals,” says Maastricht UMC+ Chairman.

Mertens, who is also president of the Regional Acute Care Advisory Chain (ROAZ) in Limburg, makes an urgent appeal after mayors in southern Limburg decided not to cancel events around 11th of the 11th.

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“It’s really incredibly busy in Limburg,” she says in by NOS. “We’ve already had a hospitalization hiatus in recent weeks, and the emergency room has closed. This is of course causing a massive disruption in our county.”

β€œBig events and an increase in the number of spreads are definitely not going to help us,” Mertens says. β€œOn behalf of the ROAZ directors, I am now calling on politicians and officials to take responsibility and minimize large-scale events.”

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In northern and central Limburg, mayors have decided to cancel all major events at the start of the new carnival season due to high pollution figures. A day later, the mayors of southern Limburg decided that major events could take place there.

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No extra space
According to Mertens, there is no longer a place in Limburg hospitals. “We have high infection rates and high absenteeism in healthcare institutions. We see that the prevalence of Limburg patients throughout the country is very limited.”

The Regional Acute Care Consultation Series (ROAZ) is a partnership of organizations working in the acute care field.

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