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Hurricane Fiona causes severe flooding and power outages in Puerto Rico | Now

Hurricane Fiona has caused severe flooding and power outages in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island belonging to the United States. The storm made landfall on Sunday.

The wind speed was up to 140 kilometers per hour. Due to the natural disaster, schools and offices will be closed in Puerto Rico on Monday. US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency on the island. This means that the authorities can provide emergency assistance as usual during disasters. There are no immediate reports of casualties in Puerto Rico.

As a result of the storm, large parts of Puerto Rico were flooded. Ports and the main airport on the Caribbean island are closed.

Also many roads are flooded and impassable. A bridge over a highway collapsed in the municipality of Uduado in the mountainous region of the Cordillera Central. The bridge was built after Hurricane Maria struck and destroyed the previous bridge in 2017. The hurricane was the worst in island history.

The hurricane also hit the Dominican Republic

Officials said power was partially restored on Monday. But it will take days for people to regain power in some parts of the island.

Fiona heads northwest across the Dominican Republic on Monday. The storm is also affecting the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fiona had previously been to the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. There, one person died when his house was washed away.

Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States. That is, the area belongs to the United States, but it is not part of the country.

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