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'Hypocrisy' Tim Hoffman after anti-women video: 'I feel ashamed'

‘Hypocrisy’ Tim Hoffman after anti-women video: ‘I feel ashamed’

Tim Hoffman © Robin Utrecht

After months of research and a carefully considered episode of Boos, Tim Hofman and his team managed to shake up Gooise’s ranking in a big way last week. A few days after the broadcast in question, program maker BnnVara, who successfully brought the spotlight on sexually assaultive behavior to The Voice of Holland, is now a topic of discussion.

source: telegraph

“Tim has a very high sense of justice,” former Boos editor-in-chief Hubert van der Went told de Volkskrant earlier this week. Thanks in part to that sense of fairness, the 33-year-old Hoffman put the behind-the-scenes abuse on The Voice under a magnifying glass.

The impact of the online show is now so great that even in the days before it airs, drastic decisions were made by, among others, RTL and the staff involved in the talent show. For example, band leader Jeroen Rietbergen resigned, the station pulled the plug on The Voice and Anouk decided to leave the “rotten gang” behind and quit as coach of the hit show.

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A few days after the much-discussed broadcast, which is now viewed more than nine million times, a video surfaced on social media with parts from 2012, among others. , Tim Hoffman makes misogynistic comments to fellow playmate Zimra Geurts. There’s also a conversation with Anna Nooshin from 2017, in which the Boos presenter admits that he may ‘sometimes talk to people from Bnn’.

On social media, Hoffman was accused of “hypocrisy,” among other things. For example, one of them wrote: “Tim Hoffman tasted his dough.” Another says, “Tim Hoffman has done a good thing by demonstrating the behavior in The Voice, but it’s not entirely without sin.” Also: “At BnnVara they also have a nice company culture.”

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In a response to De Telegraaf, Hoffmann said he is familiar with the video and the reactions the images elicit. “I’m ashamed of it. It was 2012: Behind the scenes on Squirt and swallow. I’ve learned a lot since then, including more on these topics: homophobia, racism and legalism. It was wrong, apologies are appropriate. I post.”

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