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5 x Kate Middleton is becoming more and more like her mother

5 x Kate Middleton is becoming more and more like her mother

Kate Middleton looks just like her mom Carol – and we’re not just talking about looks. Mother and daughter share a close bond and are more and more alike.

1. Ambition & A Bit of Perfection

Carol Middleton heads up a party supplies company party cutKate Middleton will be (or next to) the head of a kingdom in the future. But despite their work being different, both women are ambitious and striving for perfection. “Kate is truly a product of her mother. She has learned to do everything as best as possible,” says Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer. woman. Not only in the workplace, as well as in sailing, skiing and playing the piano, her mother Kate has mastered. “She has all these skills now because her ambitious mother encouraged her to learn them. She does not turn her back on anything.”

2. Outdoor enthusiasts

In their spare time, Carol and Kate love nothing more than spending quality time outside with the kids (grandchildren). “I am happy when I go out with my family, in the countryside, and we are all covered in dirt,” he said duchess in de podcast Happy mom, happy baby. Carol still loves to play outside. “I want to run on hills, climb trees, crawl through the tunnel to the playground,” she says. good housekeeping. “As long as I can do it, I will keep doing it. I cook with my grandchildren, I dance with them, and I go on a bike ride with them.”

3. From each other’s closet

Kate leaves a lot of work to do Hair stylist about, but also inspired by Mother Carol when it comes to clothing taste. Reportedly, the two borrowed a few things from each other’s (well-stocked) closets. They have been spotted many times wearing each other’s coats, dresses or similar dresses. Nice if you could borrow Alexander McQueen from your daughter…

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4. The same charities

Philanthropy is part of the royal responsibilities, and Carol happily joins her daughter. the Duchess of Cambridge She is the patron of organizations that promote young children, the arts, addiction care, mental health and sports. Carol contributes to it beautiful bags To deliver her party materials to Children’s Hospitals.

5. Princesses Kitchen

Although Kate hires her own chef, she prefers getting into the kitchen by herself. Her passion for cooking and baking was spoon-fed to the Duchess at home. “My kitchen is my favorite room in the house,” Carol says. “I love eating in the kitchen. We invite some guests, I cook something delicious and serve well, and then we finish off with the kitchen disco.”

The Duchess loves it too. “Kate is a wonderful and enthusiastic chef. Mary Berry previously said of her cooking skills duchess. “She’s totally natural and I love how she likes to do everything she can.” There is this pursuit of perfection again. A girl is like her mother!

Source: Hello! The magazine | Photo: BrunoPress