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"I didn't even know what theater was": this is how Yanina Wickmeier prepared herself for "The Masked Diva" |  The Masked Singer 2022

“I didn’t even know what theater was”: this is how Yanina Wickmeier prepared herself for “The Masked Diva” | The Masked Singer 2022

“After giving the bottles, a lot of hugs and kisses and a little less sleep, I’m really training. My daughter has already heard and I feel like I sing a lot, because I used to sing a lot when I was in the car. I think in the long run she will think: ‘Mama, you can gradually start to Sing another song.” Cameras are also present when Yanina meets Roos for the first time, during singing lessons and during the show. Yanina laughs: “I didn’t even know what this was.” The tension until the moment before her first performance is palpable.

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“I was a little nervous, but I think I’m fine,” Yanina says shortly after her performance. “I didn’t forget any moves and that was my biggest fear.” But then the masks fell off and no one expected that she was under the mask. “It was so cool seeing their faces the moment I took off my mask. You can really see in their mind that they never expected it.” She’s a little disappointed that she came out first, but she’s generally satisfied. “I am so glad I got involved and thought it was an honor to be among all these toppers here. I really overcame the fears because this is a way out of my natural environment. I am grateful that I was able to experience this adventure.”

Behind The Mask can now be watched on VTM GO and Wednesday, January 19th at 8.35pm on VTM.