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'Star Wars' has already found its new villain in Palpatine

‘Star Wars’ has already found its new villain in Palpatine

Now that the Skywalker saga is over, star Wars reinvent themselves. This happens in two ways. On the one hand, by making a series that takes place at the same time or in the aftermath of the battle against the Empire, and on the other hand by The High Republic, where a lot of books have been written.

Interestingly, with The Mandalorian, the first live action series in the franchise, to be built into a new and expansive epic story. The series takes place in the last days of the Republic, when the Empire had not completely disappeared and the First Order did not yet exist.

Admiral Throne
Ago Rosario Dawson In the second season of The Mandalorian Debuting as Ahsoka Tano, it is already suspected within star WarsThe franchise turns into a major crossover that requires characters from multiple series to defeat Thrawn.

Thus, The Direct reports today are based on sources Mads Mikkelsen Signed up to play Thrawn. It is a role that he previously voiced in an animated series. Who may go from animation to live action, just like Katie Sackoff So did her cartoon character, Bo-Katan Kryze.

Furthermore, The Direct is reporting this actor Mena Massoud (which you know from AladdinHe is represented as Thrawn’s Jedi apprentice and opponent, Ezra Bridger.

However it seems star Wars In fact, he has already found his new villain, Palpatine. Because Thrawn hails from unknown regions and worked in Palpatine, but he was in books, comics, and animated series, someone who seemed to fear somewhere too. So this is promising!

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