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"I haven't slept well because of it: it's not an option against Bogart, but for Dipoidet" |  Basketball World Cup 3x3

“I haven’t slept well because of it: it’s not an option against Bogart, but for Dipoidet” | Basketball World Cup 3×3

It seemed almost certain that Raf Bogarts would be there on his Antwerp ‘team’ at the 3×3 Basketball World Cup. But in the end Maxim Dupuydt would take his place.

“You shouldn’t see this as an option against Bogart, but as a choice for Dipoidet,” says Nick Seles, the driving force behind the team.

“After Thierry Marin was out due to injury, we chose Brian de Valk as a replacement. This guy has a slightly different profile and is actually not a good shooter. I’m not a good shooter myself, so there was a lot of pressure inside the team at Thibaut Verfort.”

“So we needed someone who specialized in making those two goals. It’s like you need a striker in football. That’s how we ended up at Depuydt.”

3×3 Lions don’t have a coach so they made that decision themselves. “I didn’t do it on my own,” Seles asserts. It was in consultation with the team.”

“It was a very difficult decision because Raf is a very good friend and colleague. I did not sleep well.”

Bogarts himself only received the news on Tuesday. “Obviously he was very disappointed. But this is not goodbye to Bogart. We have a core of six players and I hope he comes back stronger than this.”

“Whether this is the right choice? You can’t be 100% sure. We’ll see after the tournament. But we think we have the best chance of getting a good result in the World Cup with this team.”