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“I live in an empty but quiet space.”

“I live in an empty but quiet space.”

Ninky (19 years old) gets a lot of peace and satisfaction from giving away things, but at the same time she also loves buying new things. She shares her experiences and thoughts on her quest for simplicity: Do you really want to live a simple life?

Ninky (19 years old) discovers simplicity. She still lives with her parents, but her bedroom looks elegant, empty and quiet. This wasn't always the case, because it was once the opposite: too many things and too many colours. In this personal story she shares how she transitioned to minimalism and what happened to her.

Nienke finds peace by letting go of things: Do you really want to live by minimalism?

“Have I always had such an empty bedroom? Never. Until I was 15, I had a lot of things in my room, from different types of dressers to plants and candles. And also in many different colours. So I was quite the opposite. Now There's only a bed, a dresser, a table, and the TV, the only thing that's not white.

Source of inspiration

At about age 15 I wanted more white in my room. Pinterest He was my inspiration. I saw many calm white rooms with very little stuff and I wanted that too. I slowly tried to apply this to my room. I've always had too much pressure. I had the idea that if my room and its surroundings were quiet, I would also create more peace in my head and everything would become more organized.

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I think you can be as happy with less as you can be happy with more, but I'm not quite there yet. I also enjoy buying new things and clothes, but I feel that simple living can contribute to greater contentment and happiness. This interests me.

Interest in simplicity is growing

Now I still live with my parents, so I can't decide what the whole house looks like. My mother in particular loves a lot of gadgets. The whole house is filled with colorful Pip things. We differ greatly in this regard. When I live alone later, I can decide everything myself. Has it perhaps become a minimum? I think this could be possible. I don't see myself buying a lot of things in the future. This is who I really am.

Right now, I call my style minimalist, but I don't consider myself a minimalist in the sense that I hardly buy anything new anymore. I think it's important that you just… frugal With things, so maybe I will be like this in the future. I still like to have one every now and then Small details To combine it into something. In my bedroom there are still a few picture frames hanging on the wall and I have a light strip that can change color.

Giving up a lot of things

To keep my style simple, I give a lot of things away to other people or the thrift store. I apply this from the principle of simplicity: If I don't really need something, I like to give it to someone who will enjoy it more. This gives me a nice feeling.

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For those who want to start with a minimalist lifestyle, I recommend starting by first making a small part of your home empty and experimenting with what that looks like. No matter how hard it is to let go or let go of something, you will find that it gives you a lot of peace.

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