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'I thought, let's give it a try': Alexander Kristof wins Schildbrig after late solo performance |  sports

‘I thought, let’s give it a try’: Alexander Kristof wins Schildbrig after late solo performance | sports

CyclingAlexander Kristof won the Scheldeprijs Prize in an atypical manner. On the stones of Broekstraat, seven kilometers from the end, Christophe jumped away from a group that included Jasper Philipsen, Tim Merlier and Edward Theuns. Fabio Jacobsen and Arnaud de Ley did not play any significant role. The duo missed out on rhythm early in the race after a festival for the fans. For the first time in seventeen years, Scheldeprijs have not been identified in a sprint.

The Scheldeprijs, also known as the unofficial World Championship of Runners, announced themselves today as a fan competition due to the strong winds in Zeeland. It soon became clear why. After 25 kilometers, the peloton was barely torn to shreds. The fast guys were at Alpecin-Fenix, Merlier and Philipsen with the first fan. Just like runners Bennett, Kristoff, and Theons.

The biggest absentees heard the names of Jacobsen and De Lee. In no time at all, the lead group’s lead, which consisted of fifteen passengers, was 40 seconds ahead. So it rose to a good minute. Jacobsen and De Lee had a problem.

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Both riders could count on a few teammates. Jacobsen enlisted the help of Mørkøv, Stybar, and Steels. De Lai Vermeersch and Van Muir put to work. It paid off, because the pursuers got close within 30 seconds and even watched the lead group drive by for a while. But it did not stop at the front. Under the impetus of Alpecin-Fenix ​​and BORA-Hansgrohe, the leaderboards have continued to work well together. Their rewards increased again for more than a minute. 50 kilometers from the end, the pursuers broke the spring.

The stalking group is no longer with Jacobsen and De Lee.

The stalking group is no longer with Jacobsen and De Lee. © BELGA

to three 17-kilometer local courses in and around Schöten. Bennett’s particularly tired face stood out. The Irish didn’t look very fresh. Then BORA-Hansrohe took a different path. Mullen tried on his own three times, but couldn’t get away. On the cobblestones of Broekstraat, Christophe opened the throttle. The great Norwegian drove everything and everyone out of the wheel. The Philipsen-Merlier duo received no response. Just like the rest. Seven years after his first win at Schoten, Christophe once again won Scoldebury. Van Poppel and Wellsford completed the podium.

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The 83rd win in his career was a framing for Alexander Kristof. “It’s one of the few times in my career that I finish on my own. It’s been a difficult track. I’m a slow starter, but my teammate Tryn Tejssen got me into the first set. Unfortunately, he dropped out after that and I had to do it on my own.”

Kristoff was confident. “I knew it would be difficult for the rest to come back, BORA-Hansgrohe had enough people at the beginning to keep going. In the final they often attacked, Alpecin tried too. I had to close the holes and suffered a lot. At the end of the cobbled section I tried that On my own and no one followed suit. I gave everything to the end. This is a beautiful day for our team. We can be happy with our season so far.”

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