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Icarus: First Confederation – Tweakers

In short

Icarus: First Cohort is the first of three episodes of Rocketwerkz’s survival game. First Cohart is a decent, but somewhat unimaginable survival game. The planet you orbit around is beautiful, but it does not look too alien. The maps and skills you can learn are very obvious. What is particularly annoying is that you play the game on missions, and with each mission you start collecting sticks and stones again and again and again to build a platform. It’s not just boring; So it is a pity that you pay less attention to the foundation you have built. The story and context of the remaining two episodes should be minimal. Hope this makes the game a little more surprising.

Major publishers do not dare to do that, but survival games are still popular. Usually appear after a long run-up, crowdfunding campaign and beta trial period. Developer Rocketwerkz does not need that crowdfunding. Led by someone like Dean Hall, you can make money even without fans. The longest run-up and beta test was in Icarus. You may have known Teen Hall from DayZ. To start his own studio with RocketWorks, Hall had already left the shooter development in 2014. Icarus is already the third game of this New Zealand based studio.

For Hall, who has a military background, DayZ was a natural choice. Only those who know Hall will be surprised about Icarus because it is a completely different game. Icarus is a survival game set in the distant future. You are called Prospecter, hired by UDA, the United Development Agency. The UDA has discovered the planet Wolf 1061, which is very similar to Earth and rich in resources. It is not only about known metals and minerals, but also about an unknown, but highly promising foreign object. UDA wants to remove all those valuable raw materials from the planet and build larger installations for it. However, it is not yet; Things have to be explored first, that’s where you come into the picture. In Icarus, you are the one who takes the first steps on the planet. You will determine what good places are and what dangers the planet poses. This is a dangerous process where you could lose your life.

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Hall has long been looking for the perfect model for Icarus. Initially, he wanted to play the game for free. But, he has given it up. The game will now appear in three episodes that you must purchase separately. The first episode, Icarus: First Cohort, has just been released and costs 25 euros. We are still indebted to Icarus: New Frontier and Icarus: Dangerous Horizons.