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ICT resource Accenture has recovered from a short Lockbit ransomware attack – Computer – News

Do you work in IT at all?

“These people go beyond privacy and security. I really hope their services are better than what I’ve seen inside. If you are interested in purchasing some of the databases, get in touch with us.”

Do you base your opinion on what criminals say in a forum to sell their databases? I’m not sure if Accenture has its own IT or customer IT in order, but I’m sure I can’t trust the data of hackers selling information for financial gain.

IT vendors also use software/services that were not developed by them, do you want them to guarantee that the third party software is 100% secure. No software is 100% secure. Accenture is a big goal, and it is a gateway to many other big goals. That is why they simply become a target more often than the average SME in the Netherlands.

And the quality of the IT resource is not that nothing goes wrong at all, but if something goes wrong, how is it resolved. They immediately isolated the systems within a few hours and the systems were restored within a day. This is what I call the order of things.

In addition to:

These hackers have now published nearly 2,400 files on the Dark Web, according to CNBC analysts at Q6 cyber. The files appear to be PowerPoints, case studies, quotes, and the like. No comment yet on theft from Accenture.