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Identity fraud with victims of collapsed American apartment building: …

On June 24, 98 people were killed when the Surprise building collapsed.
Photo: A.P.

The personal details of the victims of the collapsed apartment in American Surface have been used for identity theft. Florida police arrested three suspects Wednesday who demanded credit cards with the identities of five victims and two survivors of the disaster. The fraudsters were able to loot at least $ 45,000 (over ,000 38,000).

They are “the most professional fraudsters,” Miami-Date County attorney Catherine Fernandez told a news conference Wednesday. The fraudsters used the identification data of residents of an apartment in American Surface near Miami (Florida). At the end of June, the building collapsed, killing 98 people.

Identity fraud with victims of collapsed American apartment building: Fraudsters buy luxury handbags
Prosecutor Katherine Fernandez announced the arrest in Rund and explained the case.
Photo: A.P.

The fraud case came to light in early July when a relative noticed that the bank account of one of the deceased had been damaged, after which police launched an investigation. “How tragic it is for people to try to take advantage of this situation,” said Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniella Levine Kawa, who spent weeks searching among the rubble for victims in vain — survivors.

Luxury hand cups

The fraudsters, two women and a man, in their thirties, bought shoes and luxury handbags with demanded credit cards. They have been charged with fraud, identity theft and forgery. If convicted, they could face up to 15 to 30 years in prison.

Further investigation is underway to find out if there are more culprits and victims.

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