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Monday, September 6, 2021 at 12:20 p.m.

Grubama-FDJ has extended the contract of Reuben Thompson (20) for three seasons, until the end of 2024. The climber from New Zealand could mature another year on the French team’s coaching staff before heading to the main force in 2023. .

“Ruben is an investment for the future,” said Juan Madiat, team director of the Grubama-FTJ World Team. “He won a real climbing race with Giro Valle d’Osta this year. He needs to improve his learning process and, above all, advance in the technical field. That’s why we allowed him to ride another year with the coaching staff to do this. This season, he’s ready for 2023. , Will be gradually integrated into the world team, rather than this year.

For Thompson, a dream comes true. “I feel very good at Grubama-FDJ. I can grow up in a better environment with the continental team. I already knew I was a climber, but with the help of the team I worked on racing in the classics and especially rations. I could not compete in a tournament like the Baltic Chain Tour at the beginning of the year, But now I’m more than a climber and I want to continue to learn next season to be ready for the World Tour.

Thompson has been allowed to play for Grubama-FTJ’s World Team a few times this season. He is touring the Alps in the spring and a burgundy in the Vulta earlier this summer.