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“If Turkey is a black horse, we will have more black horses” |  European Football Championship 2020

“If Turkey is a black horse, we will have more black horses” | European Football Championship 2020

Philip Goss commented on the first European Championship match between Italy and Turkey in Rome yesterday. After 0-3 he talked about the opening match as he walked through the Italian capital.

“In fact, I prepared everything about Nesta and Totti, but the two legends said no more than the word ‘ciao’ before kick-off, says the commentator.

Italy was clearly a very strong class for the weak Turks, especially after the break. “The midfield in particular has been impressive and with Verratti (now injured in red) the situation is improving. For me, this midfield belongs in the top three in this tournament.”

“The Turks weren’t really anywhere,” adds Steve Winants. “We can’t say much about that. If it was a black horse, we’d have a lot of black horses.”

“Certainly the third goal could have been avoided,” Joss says. “It was a painful moment. I was really expecting a lot from the Turks. Against France they were really good a while ago. Then they passed the world champion.”

Is Italy one of the favorites now? Wijnants didn’t think so. “Insigne, Immobile and Berardi, I don’t think that’s good enough when it comes to marble.”

The Italians are now unbeaten in 28 matches. Record 30 in sight. “You can compare that a little bit to first place in the FIFA rankings,” says Joos. “You should do it, but you shouldn’t give it too much importance either.”

How was the atmosphere in the stadium? “It didn’t explode with 16,000 people, but the atmosphere was good. The Turks were very loud at first, but after 0-1 it just fell off.”

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“It’s a pity I didn’t get a bottle of water. If they did that in Qatar in two years, a revolution would break out. Giuseppe Bergomi, world champion since 1982, sat next to me, and was very angry about it. He got something in the end, and I had to pay 3 euros. “.