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Reasons behind Wales' weird photos: 'It didn't really make sense' |  European Football Championship (11 June - 11 July)

Reasons behind Wales’ weird photos: ‘It didn’t really make sense’ | European Football Championship (11 June – 11 July)

time outTraditions are there to be honored. Even if it was a little weird. And so the Welsh team took another original photo of the team this afternoon against Switzerland. “I don’t think we’ll ever stop.”

The traditional style of five players on the bottom and six on the top, or the other way around? Gareth Bale and his colleagues shouldn’t have known about it. Also in this European championship, the movie “The Dragons” is still a long way off. The reason must be sought from a team photo from the past, when the Welsh were accidentally put in a very bad position. Fun everywhere for that picture afterwards.

Joe Ledley, the former president of Wales, laughed when he talked about it on Wales Online in 2017: “It didn’t really make sense.” “So we decided to keep doing it, which made it a really gimmick. We don’t really train for it. We’ll discuss it briefly in the group beforehand and then decide what to do. I don’t think we’ll ever stop doing that.”

One of the most impressive images undoubtedly was the one before the first leg in Georgia, when they appeared at the top in the World Cup qualifiers in October 2017 with just three players.

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Another reason: superstition. Since the team’s exotic visuals, Wales has performed well. Seventeenth place in the FIFA rankings, is not a bad thing for a country with a population of just over 3 million. It was the highlight of the 2016 European Championship, when Wales caused a surprise by eliminating the Red Devils in the quarter-finals on their first European Championship appearance. Here are some of their most original creations.

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In the World Cup qualifiers against Moldova with a large space between Robson Kano and Ramsey.

In the World Cup qualifiers against Moldova with a large space between Robson Kano and Ramsey. © rv


© rv


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