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If you continue to receive complaints after COVID-19

If you continue to receive complaints after COVID-19

My lungs were examined three times.

In the media, you increasingly read stories of people dealing with so-called post-COVID-19 complaints. Symptoms vary widely. It is not always clear whether the acute course of the disease also causes serious complaints at a later stage.

I myself am still suffering from complaints six months after I contracted Corona. I had a mild illness course at the time. In the early months, shortness of breath was the main culprit of the scams. This is why I have had my lungs checked three times (stethoscope, spirometry and X-ray). It turns out that they are fine. This calming thought had a positive effect on shortness of breath that has now nearly disappeared. Like many of my “fellow sufferers” I still have to deal with increased fatigue and decreased stamina. Before I contracted Corona, I went for a half-hour jog to keep in shape. This is not possible now. I’m really happy I can walk for an hour.

But … sometimes I walk in a track suit, because there are days when I have enough energy to be able to run. These are still very short distances, however After all thatAs they say here. A few months ago, running 50 meters was still nauseous, and now it makes me more fit. Every day is such a surprise that I can handle and sometimes it is very frustrating that it is only possible to run for half an hour, for example. However, I assume he will get better at all.


The renowned Berlin Hospital de Charette has created a special department for people suffering from post-COVID-19 complaints. I was thinking of going there and automatically being part of the scientific research currently being done on the effects of Corona. My doctor referred someone who was a lot worse than I was and who could barely climb the stairs. Since my complaint was relatively mild, I didn’t insist I go to Charité. Moreover, this section is also for people whose complaints do not diminish after six months.

Fatigue after childbirth
In this special section in the Charité, post-COVID-19 complaints are categorized as symptoms of “post-virus stress”. Fatigue means “exhaustion” or “tiredness”. For convenience, I’ll call it fatigue from now on. The website for this section states that fatigue can occur after infection with various viruses. Fatigue is usually short-lived, but it can sometimes last for weeks or months. If additional symptoms appear, such as a persistent feeling of infection, disturbances in concentration and sleep, or muscle or headache, this is also called “post-viral fatigue syndrome”. This web page then goes to covid-19. Here is the translation:

Even after Covid-19, some patients experience symptoms of “post-virus stress”, also partly after a mild course of treatment. The most important aspect of treatment is what has long been known as “sparing in the recovery phase” (convalescence). In practice, this means rest and relaxation, getting enough sleep, a normal rhythm of the day and night, avoiding stressful situations, and not exercising as long as one does not feel recovered yet. Excessive physical and mental exertion that exacerbates symptoms should be avoided. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, self-training, meditation, or simple breathing exercises can help. Anyone who suffers from a lot of fears, negative thoughts, or depression as a result of the situation should talk to a doctor about this and possibly seek treatment.

The causes are still not clear, but usually it is not the virus in and of itself, but it is possible that the immune system has not yet stabilized after infection.

If symptoms of fatigue have not improved, a medical examination should be performed 4 weeks after the injury to rule out organ abnormalities after Covid-19 and other causes of fatigue. In most patients, complaints improve within the first 4 to 12 weeks. Patients who are still suffering after 6 months of extreme fatigue, problems with concentration and headache and whose symptoms increase after a workout, can contact our counseling hour for further clarification.

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