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If you want to be trendy this fall, wear “coffee with milk”: 15 handbags that fit the trend |  Nina

If you want to be trendy this fall, wear “coffee with milk”: 15 handbags that fit the trend | Nina

Anyone who wants to participate will swear by the coffee with milk this fall. And no, we’re not talking about your favorite coffee shop. In fashion, we now see the color of caffeine with a cloud of cream everywhere. Match your handbag to the latte trend in three ways, with these 15 affordable items.

1. Beautiful monochrome with a latte look

A monochromatic outfit with one primary color is the easiest styling trick for a chic look and instant elegance. Latte shades are the perfect starting point to try this hack. It looks softer than black and makes all skin types glow.

Our advice? Add some excitement to your look by combining different materials and textures. For example, wear a cardigan with a silk skirt or leather pants. Or add a strong chic touch with a structured handbag. Five bags that will take your monochromatic look to the next level.

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1. Notre-V shoulder bag89.95 euros.
2. Monte Campiglio by Pia SassiAnd now 69.90 euros instead of 324 euros.
3. MAE handbag44.99 euros.
4. Genesee by Mia TomazziNow €70.90 instead of €339.
5. Inyati handbagNow €89.95 instead of €99.95.

2. A touch of contrast with coffee brown

The appearance of the latte ranges from shades of beige to deep brown. And you can combine all these coffee colors to your liking. You can pair a light beige jacket with a latte-colored coat, a brown pencil skirt, and maroon shoes for an interesting look. Or choose a monochromatic latte outfit that will give you a little more spice with a bag in a deep espresso color. You can now score these five style highlights for next to nothing.

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Getty Images/RF
© Getty Images/RF

1. Mandello by Prima ModaAnd now 39.95 instead of 89.95 euros.
2. Alberta by Anna MoreliniNow €59.90 instead of €279.
3. Ralo Thalia from Bixundergaard55.95 euros.
4. Tedon by Lea BiasoniNow €37.90 instead of €179.
5. My jewelry shoulder bag€20.99 instead of €20.99.

3. Black mats

For those who prefer to surf the latte trend, black is a safe choice. The color matches all shades of coffee: from soft milky coffee to the deepest espresso shades. Even when the latte hype subsides, the black handbag remains the essential piece that should not be missing in your wardrobe.

You are fully in line with the trends of 2024 with the cargo bag: a handbag with pockets, the successor to the cargo pants. The oversized bags will also continue to work well for a long time.

Getty Images/RF
© Getty Images/RF

1. Ambrozola by Pia SassiAnd now 76.90 euros instead of 339 euros.
2. Helena Nono84.90 euros.
3. Erminia by Anna MoreliniNow €59.90 instead of €269.
4. Desigual handbag139 euros.
5. IKKS handbag195 euros.

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