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Ziggy from 'K2 Seeks K3' Participates in 'American Idol' |  Showbiz

Ziggy from ‘K2 Seeks K3’ Participates in ‘American Idol’ | Showbiz

Ziggy will participate in “American Idol.” The Dutchman himself made the announcement via TikTok. “Back to where it all started seven years ago,” he wrote in the video. This refers to his participation in “Idols”, the Dutch version of the talent show. He did not make it to the live shows. Whether or not he does in the American version remains to be seen, and his test will be shown on television in February 2024.

Ziggy, with his brightly colored hair and matching outfits, was one of the most eye-catching candidates from “K2 Seeks K3”. After the show, he released the song “Cotton Candy” with another nominee, Celestre. In an interview with HLN earlier this year, the singer said he had big dreams of achieving success on an international level. “I applied for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ because there were open audition days. But then my father died suddenly. And then I submitted a video online, which was received positively. But at the time of those auditions, I was coming back To Turkey while grinding my teeth. A bit stupid, but the dream is still there. I also did a live broadcast on Instagram with singer Zara Larsson a few months ago. We sang together at the time and I really amazed her. He said at the time: “Then “It’s starting to follow me… who knows what the next step will be.”

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