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If you've been dreaming of a trip down under, this event is the time to get inspired

If you've been dreaming of a trip down under, this event is the time to get inspired

Are you waiting for the sign to finally take the journey of your life? This could be it! Because on Saturday February 24, TravelEssence travel advisors will give a presentation Two presentations In Harlem: One about Australia and one about New Zealand. You'll also meet like-minded people from your hometown as you gain information and inspiration in a comfortable, small-scale setting. Let the anticipation begin!

All your questions will be answered during the presentation. This way you can find out what is the best time to travel, when is the best time to book and roughly how much it will cost. You'll learn everything about how much time you have to spend on something and what individual activities you can undertake. How about sleeping under the stars during a camping safari? Or go spear fishing and boomerang throwing with a tribe? You can register here for free and without any obligation For presentations in Harlem. There are a limited number of spots available, so don't wait too long!

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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

Experts on Australia and New Zealand

Many people dream of a trip to the other side of the world, but not everyone puts their money on words. There is some consideration when planning such a trip. The travel consultants at TravelEssence know all about this. They have specialized in holidays to Australia and New Zealand for many years and have been there many times.

Some lived there too. Professionals will lovingly create a dream vacation tailored to suit you and any travel companions. Because, as travel expert Michiel Mandigers aptly notes: “It's a bit of a shame if you don't like wine and have to spend three days in a vineyard.”

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A little slower

During the presentation in Harlem on February 24, you will introduce everything you have to offer in an accessible way in Australia or New Zealand. If you are still unsure between the two countries, you can register for both presentations. Don't be surprised if the expert slows you down a bit during the presentation.

Michael: “When people get a card in front of them, they often think: Oh, I want to do all that! They often end up with very fast travel schedules, which means they spend a lot of time in the car and mainly go to places that are easily accessible with many tourists.

Small scale and unique

Travel Essence So one of the quieter itinerary is where you travel by rental car and spend the night in small accommodation. Michael: “The nice thing about small-scale places like bed & breakfasts is that the people who run them come from the area and are very proud of it.”

“This way you can find places that are a little different than the standard highlights and things you see on Instagram. It's nice to have a home to yourself every once in a while on a long trip like this. Here you can cook for yourself and have a little more privacy.

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During the consultation by travel advisor Michael | Photo: Travel Essence

Down with the (young) children

Australia and New Zealand are great travel destinations for (young) children. Michael: “There are some people who want to make a long, long journey before their children go to school. These safe, western countries are good options.

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“When it's winter it's often nice and warm, and during the summer holidays the weather is really good in the north of Australia. And there's a lot for kids to do, like snorkelling, rafting and spotting kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles,” he explains.

From inspiration to action

Presentations are held in small groups (around 20 people) and are highly interactive. If you mention that you like diving, the expert will definitely point out where you can find the most beautiful underwater life. Are you so excited after the presentation that you really want to start planning? You can immediately have a personal meeting with the travel consultant who gave the presentation.

Want to attend one of the presentations in Harlem? Then register quicklyFree and without obligation!