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Ila, Bluai and Shaka Shams win ‘New Generation’

Ila, Bluai and Shaka Shams win ‘New Generation’

Ila, Bluai and Shaka Shams are the winners of ‘The New Class of 2022’. Under this name, Studio Brussel went in search of “the Belgian musical talent of tomorrow”.

Since its debut in 2013, each “New Generation” edition has had three winners. This year, for the first time, someone is allowed to pass twice on the podium. 24-year-old Ilayda Cicek won first prize with her own band Ila and Bluai, where she plays guitar.

The last band, a Waasland-area women’s quartet, had the most promising song in its back pocket among nine nominees on Studio Brussel’s talent show. “Dime store” moves into the same world of delicate guitars as Lucy Dacus or Clairo. Singer Catherine Smit (24) makes her voice meander in all directions, thus encouraging you to dream.

Photo: Jokko/StuBru

Ila’s “Let Me Dry” was the song that actually managed to break the most pots earlier: With 28,000 streams on Spotify, it was way ahead of first stalker Sweet Monica by Meltheads (19000 plays). In the song about unrequited love, Antwerp Cicek let her voice rip just like BJ Harvey did in the ’90s. The song “Leave Me Dry” was also featured on the mini album in October. FeelingCicek bridges the gap between the rocks and its Turkish roots.

Shaka Shams (21) also extends. His “Black metal rebel” puts half of his production metal under rap – a mix of the genre that’s already had some success for Antwerp rapper/producer Rare Akuma. sun ‘ep work only Let’s already suspect surprises are on the way: There’s also home experiences and cold jumping.

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Ila, Bluai and Shaka Shams win 'New Generation'
Chekka Shams
Photo: Jokko/StuBru


Bluai, Shaka Shams, and Ila are among the 789 nominees this year. This means that the downward trend continues in the “new batch”. In 2021 there were still 850 registrations, and in 2020 there were still 999 registrations. However, the competition in which Stobro listeners are searching with the music jury for great singles by promising artists has already yielded beautiful names. Tamino and Equal Idiots were among the previous winners, and from the previous edition The Hauned Youth still hangs in the Investigation.

To date, broadcasting on Studio Brussel is the most direct prize for the winners of the “New Generation”. Also appears on the cover focus talent And you’ll receive professional support from Wilde Westen and Pop singers Aleut and Brin, rock bands Eno and Meltheads, R&B singers Jules and rapper Jockey have all walked off the stage this year.