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'I'm angry and want my money back': Bobbejaanland's 100% Retro was suddenly canceled the day before (Kasterlee)

‘I’m angry and want my money back’: Bobbejaanland’s 100% Retro was suddenly canceled the day before (Kasterlee)

The 100% Retro Festival, formerly also known as Saturdayland, will bring back music from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s for the fourth time on Saturday, August 20 at Bobbejaanland. Over forty artists and bands such as Soulsister, Johnny Logan, London Beat, The Trammps, 2 Unlimited, Frans Bauer and Gunther Neefs will appear on one of the three stages spread across the theme park. But retro fans will have to be patient to see their favorite artists in action.

Surprisingly, on Friday morning, barely 24 hours before the start of the festival, the organizers announced the postponement of the event to Sunday, August 20, 2023. In an official statement, it was said that “the streak of promising sales results in recent weeks cannot continue.” affected by the current economic situation “.

According to the organizer, Hugo Foets, it was not profitable to allow the festival. “If at some point it turns out that a break-even cannot be achieved, you have to make the right economic decision,” Votes says. “Obviously the oversupply of free festivals and events is playing tricks on an organization like ours. We were trying to look forward to a time when sales might rebound. A couple of days ago we sat around the table with all our sponsors and partners and decided to move the festival to 2023.”


According to Hugo Foets, Bobbejaanland and all other partners support this decision. 100% retro must have friday last minute Inform ticket holders of drastic intervention. “We have sent all ticket buyers an official email with the press release. They can simply keep the 2022 ticket purchased for the 2023 edition. People who want it can also get a refund through the ticket company. Of course there are many people who react disappointedly, But we also received a lot of support data,” Votes explains.

Also La Soulsister at the 100% Retro Theater in Bobbejaanland on Saturday. © Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao

The 100% Retro organization also had to inform countless artists that they would not be able to perform on Saturday. “Many artists have already announced that they will be moving into 2023,” says Hugo Foets. Some other festivals have also been canceled in recent weeks. There is currently an oversupply of events and people are having to make choices.”

spiritual sister

On the festival’s Facebook page, many fans react indignantly to the decision. For Agnes Tillmans, the festival’s cancellation is very painful. I bought six tickets for 486 euros on Friday morning. Three hours later they inform you that the festival has been canceled, I am angry and want my money back,” Mort Agnes.

Flemish success group Soulsister also cannot perform at Bobbejaanland on Saturday either. Soulsister’s Paul Michaels replies, “I also find it a little strange that the festival has turned so abruptly.” “Together with our management, we must see if we will ever be free in 2023. We have no other shows scheduled for Saturday. It’s not a drama to me, but our group of 11 will be there tomorrow.” (Saturday, editor) no work. I’m going to Jazz Wood in Linden on Saturday night, where I’ll be on stage with Philip Catherine.”

Artist director Elijah Byers had two of his co-stars on the canceled festival poster with Helmut Lotte and Laura Lin: “We also received an email just this morning (Friday morning, editor) that Retro Festival was 100% cancelled.”

According to Byers, it’s not unusual for everything to be canceled only the day before the festival begins. “This is not normal at all,” the director explains. “I don’t think that is really possible. We wait to see what explanation we get. The costs have already been incurred and it is not at all certain that our artists will be able to attend next year on the new chosen date.”

Previous Issues

In the previous land of yesteryear there were problems before. Bankruptcy proceedings had begun against the previous company behind the festival, but according to Hugo Voetz, the late payment was to be corrected.

Foets ran the once successful agency King Entertainment – including Clouseau and Natalia – but that agency had to shut it down in 2015. In 2019, during yesterday, there was already criticism about too little heat and insufficient measures Health facilities. Then Closer Sister Sledge was only allowed to play one song due to the delay.

“Whoever has tickets can keep them for next year or get their money back,” Foets promised or can email the organization for more information at [email protected]

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