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‘Important US oil pipeline down for a few more days’

The main pipeline from the colony to the East Coast runs from the Gulf of Mexico to Lyndon in New Jersey near New York. Almost half of all fuel going to that part of the country is piped. Along the way, for example, one of the busiest airports in the world is Atlanta Airport.

If the pipe is closed for a few more days, interruptions may occur. Due to all the unrest, petrol prices in the United States have already risen by about 6 cents in recent days. With that, they are approaching the highest level since 2014.


Hackers use ransomware and demand money to release systems. In addition, they would have stolen the data they threatened to release if the company had not paid. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A senior U.S. government official said it was up to the company to make a decision. The government would not have advised the company on this.

Washington has already declared a regional emergency. The United States wants the colonial system to reactivate as soon as possible and to try to ensure that the impact of the incident is minimal. The hack is also being investigated. Authorities are trying, among other things, to find out if the hackers have links to the Russian government.

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