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Strong final K1 E.K.  Tunisen is brilliantly ranked seventh in Canoslalom

Strong final K1 E.K. Tunisen is brilliantly ranked seventh in Canoslalom

The European Canoe Slalom Championships took place in Ivria, Italy last weekend from May 6 to 9. Lena Tunisen (23 years old) was able to get a good seventh place in the final K1, with a strong field of participants. Austria Kuhne eventually won gold in the women’s K1.

Tunisen can look back on a successful European Championship. He also finished last at the European Championships last year, and this year’s placement has shown that he is a participant to be reckoned with in the senior field. In addition, with his 7th place he met the requirement of NOC * NSF to obtain A-status, and he can continue to grow in the best game.

An honor to travel to this final

Tunis is hard to qualify for, so he wanted to fix this in the semifinals. Still, it remains to be seen whether he will make it to the finals. She started second, and although she had good flow, she made some contact with the blade and gates at the top of the paddle. He excelled by reaching the final on a strong field. “It’s an honor to be able to travel to the finals with the world champion and the dominant Olympic champion. I am glad I was able to start the season with the championship final. I’m looking forward to all the games to come. ”

Preparation for the Olympics

This European Championship was the moment of Olympic qualification for the last European tickets to the Canoslalom Olympics, which takes place next summer in Tokyo, Japan. On behalf of the Netherlands, Martina Weckman (31) has already qualified for the Olympics at the end of 2019. He has been staying and training in New Zealand for the past eighteen months. “I entered the European Championship with an open mind. Coming back to the starting lineup after 1.5 years was so crazy for me. I had to look for the right competitive product again. I ran well in qualifying, so I was happy in 15th place, ”says Martina. Weckman finished 24th in the semifinals. She missed a gate and got 50 penalty seconds, which was not enough for the final place. “I look forward to getting used to my new boat and being a little more‘ intuitive ’in the water,” Wakeman says.

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Otton, Otton and Hendrix have no semifinals

On behalf of the Netherlands, Martze Otton (K1), Joris Otton (C1) and Nick Hendrix (K1) also came into action. Everyone got stuck after qualifying runs.
Joris Otton (23) looks back on this European Championship with mixed feelings. “On the one hand, I’m not completely dissatisfied with my speed in the water, and I’m still feeling like I’m closing the gap.

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