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Twitter gaat naast bitcoin (BTC) donaties wellicht ook ethereum (ETH) toevoegen en crypto adressen

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) donations, Twitter may also add Ethereum (ETH) addresses and cryptocurrencies » Crypto Insiders

Earlier this week, Crypto Insiders reported maybe Twitter Bitcoin (BTC) It will add to the so-called “Tip Jar” feature of the social media platform. With this tip jar, you may soon be able to donate BTC to other Twitter users.

Now it appears that Twitter is planning to add another encryption functionality to the platform. This may relate to the potential of bitcoins, but also Ethereum (ETH)Add addresses to Twitter user profiles.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot last week that appeared to confirm the news about bitcoin donations. The mobile developer and self-proclaimed developer shared another screenshot yesterday that appears to confirm the addition of ethereum and addresses in profiles:

There is also a very skeptical response to Paluzzi screenshots, and many users describe them as fake. The news has not been confirmed by Twitter at this time either. Despite this, Twitter chief production Kayvon Beykpour has since responded to Paluzzi’s original post with a lightning emoji with the word “soon” next to it:

To receive bitcoin donations, an account with Strike, the Lightning Network app, appears to be required. However, according to Paluzzi, users do not need to link a Strike account to add a Bitcoin address and/or an Ethereum address to their profile.

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The addition of Ethereum, if true, is somewhat unexpected. So far, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hasn’t paid much attention to other cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin. Dorsey announced last week That with Square Payment Company Decentralized Finance (DeFi) He wants to build services on the Bitcoin network, including a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, or DEX.