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In Berchot, Javier Torente also wants a decisive defeat from Standard

In Berchot, Javier Torente also wants a decisive defeat from Standard

They at Beerchot are in a very difficult situation and every surprise win could help bring the team off the ground. Javier Torente is also hopeful that the federation bodies will prove their veracity in connection with the match at Standard.

You know the circumstances on Thursday. A few hours before kick-off, the Mayor of Liege decided that the match could not take place due to the police strike in Liege. At Biershot, they think they deserve the three points based on the union’s regulations. “I’ve also read the regulations. I was surprised that the home team could be penalized if the local government banned the match, although I understand why it’s in the regulations,” Torente told the GvA.

“And the rules are sacred, aren’t they? If a perfectly clear penalty is not called for a penalty, then everyone yells kill. That’s no different for me. Is Standard angry at us? I don’t know. It’s gold points anyway, and I won’t deny it.”

With a win over Ostend and the three points against Standard, Biershut can finally have the competition on the horizon. But the victory over KVO is decisive in this. “This match is just as important as the second leg match against Syring a few weeks ago. Until then we were suddenly gasping for the necks of the other bottom teams.”

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