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Joachim Van Damme referred to B-core in Malinwa

Joachim Van Damme referred to B-core in Malinwa

KV Mechelen had a bad evening in Seraing on Saturday. Vinicius Sousa’s error resulted in a 1-0 defeat. Also on Sunday, Malinoa came out with some bad news.

Update 8.55pm: HLN and Het Nieuwsblad know that Van Damme has been late to training more than once in recent weeks. In addition, several times he did not turn up for appointments with the medical staff.

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With a short statement, Malinoa announced that Joachim Van Damme has been referred to Team B for disciplinary reasons. The exact reason will not be explained. It appears that “the club will adhere to this contact for the time being.”

Joachim Van Damme (30) ended up at KV Mechelen in 2018 and has grown into a strong and solid carrier in midfield. Last season, Van Damme saw the second half of the season billowing in smoke after being injured.

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