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In conflict with the language balance: the government must search for a new …

In conflict with the language balance: the government must search for a new …

The government must find a new director general for the prison system. Rudy Van De Voorde’s appointment was rescinded because it appeared to conflict with the required linguistic balance within the Executive Committee. This was reported by the General Directorate of Correctional Institutions, on Saturday morning.

“Three years ago, Dutch-speaking candidate Rudi van de Voorde was appointed director general of the prison system,” spokeswoman Kathleen van de Vejver explains. During the oral interview of the selection procedure, he beat Mathilde Steenbergen, the current Prime Minister to Minister of Justice Vincent van Quekenborn. It is Alexis Duvet, the current regional director for South Walloon Prisons.

But both Steenbergen, who came as the best candidate from Sailor’s choice, and the French-speaking candidate went to the State Council to rescind the nomination. Steenbergen withdrew her complaint when she began working as chief of staff for the Quickenborn Minister. The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men maintained the complaint in this regard.

And now, according to the General Directorate of Prison Institutions, Duvet is right. Reason: Van de Voordes’ appointment was against the language balance required within the Executive Committee of the Federal Public Service Judiciary. Because of his appointment there were too many Dutch speakers, so he felt the position was due to a French-speaking candidate. The Council of State approved him and rescinded Van de Voorde’s appointment.

The procedures for appointing the Director General are resumed. In the meantime, Van de Voorde will continue to serve as general counsel.

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