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More than 20 companies have permission to use PFOS in Scheldt...

More than 20 companies have permission to use PFOS in Scheldt…

The Scheldt PFOS standard has also been exceeded. This is illustrated by the answer of the Flemish Environment Minister Saturn Demmer (N-VA) to a question asked by Miki Schweflege (Gruen). “PFOS is found in fish six times more than what the standard allows,” Schafflij told Radio 1:

PFOS contamination is not limited to the 3M plant and the Zwegendrecht area. that you mentioned time It was confirmed by a written answer from Flemish Environment Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) to a question from Representative Miki Schweflege (Green). In total, there are 26 companies draining water in Scheldt that contain PFAS, the collective name for the chemicals to which PFOS belongs. And it’s not about small businesses. Among these companies are Bayer, BASF, ExxonMobil, and Ineos,” Schweleg said in response to the morning On Radio 1. Companies have permission to do so, but standards are constantly being exceeded.

PFAS everywhere. How much should we worry about that?

The main question is whether this has an effect on water quality. It turns out that this is the case. At unloading sites, we found in fish six times more PFOS than the standard allows,” it seems. Shuffle again calls for the establishment of an investigative committee and for a firm policy with fines. “We need to step up checks and, if necessary, review permits.”

Compare the situation with the problem of asbestos. They also knew it was a problem, but they continued until the impact on health became too great.

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PFOS contamination He’s been sleeping for years, but came to the fore as a result of Operation Oosterweel. Over the years, it has become increasingly clear how severe the consequences for public health can be. The soil in and around Zwijndrecht is heavily contaminated after years of PFOS production at the 3M plant. File pressure on the Flemish government.