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In the United States, more and more bills are being introduced to control Big Deck

U.S. Senator Josh Howley, a Republican and a fierce critic of Big Tech, announced Monday that he had introduced a bill banning mergers and acquisitions for companies with a market value of more than $ 100 billion.

If Hawley’s bill is passed, it will affect Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook. All of these are technological giants, they do not hesitate to buy Capture rivals. The new law will reduce the ability of these companies to promote their sites through their sites at the expense of competitors.

Senator Howley’s bill, which is often criticized by big tech and pharmaceutical companies, is not the first attempt by U.S. lawmakers to reduce the power of the nation’s largest companies. In February, Democratic Senator Amy Globuschar had already introduced a no-confidence bill, many of which are similar to those of her Republican colleague.

A strict plan

I look forward to working with her (Amy Globuchar) and anyone, regardless of party or background, ‘said Howley. Reuters. “I support Senator Globoucher’s recommendation.” He said his bill was “too harsh” for big companies.

Finally, in the House of Representatives, Democrat David Cecil plans to introduce a series of no-confidence laws in the future.


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