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Will there be a new storage facility for radioactive waste in East Willingston?

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Vlissingen-Oost has several buildings on site, but the storage depot for low- and medium-sized radioactive waste is starting to fill up. Director Evd Werhoff: “It was one of the first buildings we set aside on the site. We put it into use in 1992. We have been using it for almost thirty years.”

Wastes from cancer treatment

A new storage facility is to be built next to the ‘Orange Building’ for high levels of radioactive waste. This includes looking at the waste that will be provided in the future until 2050. A lot of access is expected from the NRG in Baton Rouge, North Holland. NRG is Europe’s largest isotope manufacturer. Medical isotopes are radioactive substances that are used to diagnose and treat cancer. Think about a PET or CT scan.

In the Netherlands, 1,300 companies work with radioactive materials. They are obligated to provide waste to Govra. The company collects and processes the waste, for example by pressing and pouring it into concrete. Concrete prevents radiation. It is stored in different buildings for decades until the radiation subsides. If after a hundred years it does not radiate, it must be stored underground.

With the new building, Govra also expects to remove the nuclear plant at Porcell. Werhoff: “If you remove such a nuclear power plant, large amounts of radioactive waste will be generated.

Plans for the new building began a few years ago. Permits have not yet been completed and an environmental impact assessment has not yet been made. If it goes according to plan, by the end of 2024 there will be a new building on site in Vlissingen-Oost.

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