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In Westworld, they do what not even 'Home' and 'Family' screenwriters would dare

In Westworld, they do what not even ‘Home’ and ‘Family’ screenwriters would dare

In the best Western movie, it’s usually simple. There are bad guys and good guys, two parties with the same ambition: to blast the other to the afterlife as quickly as possible. When The west Described as a futuristic cowboy series, fans of the genre had hoped for a series with a great story, recognizable, and straightforward. That soon turned into a vain hope. the first The westThe season started in the wilds, but behind the scenes there was a lot going on. He. She The west The address has turned into a kind of amusement park where wealthy visitors can indulge their cravings on highly human-looking robots. When these robots realize the abuse at some point, the dolls start dancing and the amusement park stay suddenly becomes less relaxing.

As the seasons progressed, writing duo Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan transformed their story into a more and more complex decade. It started with some harmless messing with the timeline and there was another quest for the afterlife of robots, meanwhile it turns out that more and more human heroes already have a hard drive under the bowl of skull and when the amusement park robots also entered the ‘natural’ back in the world, and everything became intertwined.

The west He took a life of his own on the global web teeming with conspiracy theories and the hidden story that die-hard fans thought they were discovering. But the general public gradually withdrew. So Joy and Nolan in Season 4 – which launched from base blocks last week – were expected to slow down a bit. It’s a matter of giving everyone the opportunity to reconnect with their story. But there they believed in writer’s room It seems different.

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that The westWe’ve known for some time that robots can hardly break. And it was also clear that the screenwriters were making good use of this to allow them to show up every day without having to provide much of an explanation. But this time they go a step further. At the end of Season 3, we see how Dolores, the robot who led the rebellion of her struggling companions, is wiped out. It seemed like the end The westThe career of Evan Rachel Wood, the actress who plays Dolores. Only Evan Rachel Wood also appears in the credits in season 4. She’s just no longer playing Dolores but a completely different character. As if Simoneki is going to die and Marilyn Merckx suddenly plays Vivian residence It will pop up. Using a different hair color just to show the difference to the viewer. A trick even the most open-minded screenwriter can do residence or family He would not dare to venture.