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Incompetent Genk thanks Bongonda in opening match: Limburgers only get a point shot at Schlesen in stoppage time |  Jupiler Pro League

Incompetent Genk thanks Bongonda in opening match: Limburgers only get a point shot at Schlesen in stoppage time | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueBrrr, Racing Genk. Limburger escaped defeat against Standard in injury time – wiping out Bongonda Levis 1-0.

Fans flocked early tonight at Sclessin. Happy to be back.

The players looked around as they started to warm up, a smile appeared on many faces.

The tribute to the deceased flood victims was touching.

Liège was alone, everyone mourned together.

Fans are back at Sclessin tonight. © Photo News

But once Lawrence Visser whistled at the match, it was bittersweet.

Cimirot already lost the ball after three minutes, Eto’o just kicked.

It was the harbinger of Genk’s dominance in the opening stage. They put confidence in the ball.

Heynen, Hrosovsky, Bongonda, Trésor … even Vandevoordt – a bold figure in his sixteen-meter house.

Limburger also had the best chances. Onwacho sent a cross to the no-man’s land, and Sadek was surprised after a corner kick and hit hard over the goal, and Bodart made an excellent shot from Pongonda.

Standard for its part played football with enthusiasm. Put the knife between your teeth and walk away. Driven by the home crowd. Full of dedication and soul – Mbaye Lee can feel good about that. With the principle of “one for all, all for one”.

Occasionally, they also put together a good attack. Vandevoordt took a (small) shot from Bastian, and Sequet directed a volley into the stands.

Onwacho missed four imposed chances.

Onwacho missed four imposed chances. © Photo News

On the other hand, Bongonda could only pass through Bodart, and Laifis saved the furniture as a last resort.

They can blame themselves that Genk did not score before the first half.

It was not effective at all.

At the beginning of the second half, Onwacho had another shot opportunity – Bodart was standing.

And then a good period of rushes began.

With fast and intense attacks across the wings. Energetic, with courage and daring.

Raskin met in a duel with Sadiq.

Raskin met in a duel with Sadiq. © BELGA

But there was little danger. Genk defense played football with great skill for a long time without Colombians or not.

There was always a toe or a foot between a cross, and it wasn’t always for Standard.

Until twenty minutes before the appointment.

Secket Corner, Cape Lavis. Difficult and positioned. Sclessin exploded as usual.

The stands danced. Rock and roll in Liege. On and off the field. We missed them, fans.

Klaus and Leavis celebrate 1-0.

Klaus and Leavis celebrate 1-0. © BELGA

Genk was shocked after the goal against him. Team frequency. Suddenly there was no rest in the ball, the passes no longer reached their destination and the duels were lost.

Klaus got a head chance – it’s over. The Brazilian business as usual. No samba ball for him.

The guests’ offensive play was very futile at the end of the match. It was as if they no longer believed in him. Van den Broom tried to turn the tide with some changes. But Standard defended his lead with all his might. Raskin missed 2-0 in injury time. The roach also seems to catch the threads at the end. Until Bongonda completed Racing Genk’s best attack in injury time.

The Vice-Champion of the Cup Winners .. they escaped from their first defeat this season. Excitement nearly overpowered excess quality tonight.

Well, it was a fun evening of football at Sclessin.

With a surprisingly good standard.

Visser applauded, and the fans applauded.

They are satisfied.


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