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Incredibly easy: another thumb

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New research using an artificial robotic thumb yielded surprising results: Within days, people using the thumb were able to operate it normally and perform complex tasks, such as building towers out of logs or stirring coffee while holding a cup.

Additionally, brain scans showed the presence of this third Thumb How does the brain work. Even after the appendix was removed, that extra finger remained visible in the brain for a while. We seem to adapt easily when we get an extra finger.

The third thumb is an experiment from University College London (UCL). They wanted to see what the added party would do for people. The researchers observed that people changed their natural hand movements while using the third thumb. The subjects reported that the robot’s thumb felt it part Of their bodies.

The 3D printed thumb can perform two types of movement and is controlled wirelessly by pressure from the big toes. Twenty subjects were collected for the study, who had to wear their thumbs for six hours a day for five days – during pre-set training tasks and during their daily lives.

The researchers, who have published their findings in Science Robotics, believe that people are used to it Tools to use. This makes our brains flexible when it comes to the “extensions” of our bodies. But she was surprised that we got used to an extra finger so quickly.